Testimonial – Marilyn R., Indianapolis, IN

After experiencing a fall that resulted in two broken front teeth, I was extremely distraught with the accident and the fact that I was 280 miles from home.  Upon searching the internet, the description of Dr. Schuman’s Center and his work, along with him being on staff at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center made his office the logical place to call for my emergency.  It was one of my best decisions ever.  After calling his office and describing my predicament, I was in the dentist chair within two hours.  They also scheduled two visits for the next two working days to complete the process of restoring my front teeth. Along with his obvious expertise, skill and experience, he conveyed a genuine concern for the trauma I experienced and gave me the confidence that my teeth would be restored; in fact better than before I had the accident.  He uses the latest technology and seems to be very current regarding research.  Perhaps more important than all his technical skills, his caring and professional demeanor was off the charts.  Not to be overlooked is the team of caring support people within his office from my initial phone call to his office to my final procedure.  Thanks so much to you and your staff for such excellent care.

Testimonial – Gregg B., Creve Coeur

I was very pleased with Dr Ethan Schuman at the Schuman Center. The whole staff is always very polite and accommodating.  They really make you feel comfortable.  Dr Schuman does a great job of explaining exactly what he is going to do beforehand and also during the process. They are always prompt, there is very little time sitting around waiting. I had a crown put on a back tooth that was in a difficult spot but Dr Schuman and staff handled it brilliantly.  I would definitely recommend this dental practice to anyone looking for dental services.

— Gregg B., Creve Coeur

Testimonial – Melissa K.

My name is Melissa. I just wanted to say that “thank you” isn’t enough for everything you have done for me. Things have been quit difficult for me, being a young single parent and leaving a abusive relationship trying to start over for myself and daughter. I am truly grateful for the wonderful job you did on my teeth and for everything you made possible for me.
What you all have done for me is more than just fixing a broken smile. You gave me back my confidence and hope because even though life has its downs, there’s wonderful people like you that make all the difference in a persons life. I really appreciate all of you, you do such beautiful work and are really dedicated and passionate. You have truly changed my life forever. From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

Testimonial – David D.

My crown broke! An Empress done prior by Dr. Schuman.
But repair could not have been faster or easier, and it was covered by an apparent warranty.

So sublime.

Testimonial – Mary, St. Louis, Missouri

I would like to thank you for your kindness, your patience, and, of course, the recent dental work you performed on my mom….I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you…and your staff for the care and attention you afforded to my mom. My mom’s tooth has been “restored,” and I know she is both relieved and happy. Doctor Schuman, you are a true professional with a heart of gold.

Testimonial – Dennis B., St. Louis, Missouri

Hi, my name is Dennis from St. Louis, Missouri. I had an implant done with the Schuman Group. Allison was my periodontist; did a great job. The implant turned out very nice, it’s very functional, the appearance is very nice. As painstaking as implants are, and they are because it’s a long process of gums waiting for it to heal. It’s a long process but when all is said and done it’s done and it’s certainly worth it. Anyway, nice job; I would certainly recommend them again so you can certainly use me as a referral. Thank you!

Testimonial – Julie B. – St. Louis, Missouri

My name is Julie from St. Louis, Missouri and I was a patient of Dr. Zaromb in 2008. I had a fantastic experience with her and I’m so thrilled with my final result. I had am implant done previously with another oral surgeon in town and was not at all satisfied with the placement and cosmetic result. Dr. Zaromb took a lot of time with me to understand what I was looking for and also took the time to make it right and perfecting my result. She is just a fantastic doctor and was very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her and her practice.

Testimonial – Anonymous

Hi, I was in Dr. Shuman’s office and I wanted to let him know and his staff know how much I appreciate all the kind service they did for me and the explanation of the invisalign®. I am very excited about going ahead with the program. Thank you.”

Testimonial – Jim

Dr. Schuman is a very excellent dentist…his staff is courteous and experienced.



Testimonial – Pat L.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Schuman for 2 years. Both himself and his staff are very friendly and very professional.