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Teeth Whitening with GLO Science™ Professional

At Schuman Center Dental Aesthetics, we believe dentistry lies at the confluence of art and science. We care enough to use the latest and best technology to give you the most beautiful smile possible.

Though there are many whitening systems available to consumers, we believe GLO Science™ Pro White best serves those of us who want beautifully white teeth without the pain or discomfort of legacy whitening systems.

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How does teeth whitening work?

GLO Science™ products combine in-office treatments with at-home touch-ups. You’ll start at our Creve Coeur, MO, office, laying back comfortably while we apply a whitening gel to your teeth.
Then, we’ll place the GLO mouthpiece directly over your teeth. It emits a warm blue light for eight minutes. The light and heat interact with the whitening gel, lifting stains and lightening enamel. We’ll repeat the process between two and eight more times, and within less than an hour, your teeth can be as many as 12 shades lighter!
We also have a way for you to keep your teeth white after you return home!
Though coffee, cola, red wine, tea, and nicotine can re-stain your teeth, we provide patients with GLO Science™ gels and a Take-Home Whitening Device. It’s more effective than commercially available whitening kits, and it’s still gentle on your gums.
Additionally, you can return to our offices between once and twice a year to keep your smile professionally white and fresh.

Will teeth whitening make my gums sensitive?

Not anymore!
All whitening systems require a potent gel. Older systems used gels that would migrate to your gums and cause irritation, drying, and discomfort. GLO Science™ gel remains in place once you’ve applied it. Your teeth will get whiter without the irritation many have experienced while whitening their teeth.
Though not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, many of us can have whiter, brighter smiles. If you’re in the St. Louis area, we’d like the opportunity to brighten your smile. Find out if GLO Science™ Professional Teeth Whitening will work for you.

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